Friday, March 23, 2012

Speech Writer: Career Profile

A speech writer prepares speeches for others and works for large companies, public figures or governmental offices. Speech writers often deal with daunting deadlines, and some workers may have to travel frequently to write for clients.

 The majority of employers prefer applicants who hold a bachelor's degree related to communications or public relations.   

Speech Writer Career Profile Job Duties 

speech writers work mainly in the public relations industry . Speech writers research multiple topics, such as major political issues and demographic trends, and use that research to write speeches that focus on specific topics to engage audiences. Since speech writers draft speeches specifically for certain clients, they often spend time with them to understand how they think and speak to re-create their distinct voice within the written speech. 

 Job Outlook Within the public relations industry, the BLS predicted that more positions will open up as businesses and public figures continue to focus on improving their public reputations. Between 2008 and 2018, the BLS forecasted that job growth rates for public relations specialists, including speech writers, would increase by 24%. With more industries utilizing networking and social media platforms, speech writers who specialize in producing speeches for Internet broadcasting may be more likely to find regular employment.

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