Thursday, March 22, 2012

Careers In Event Management

 Off late event management has been considered as an exciting career option. In fact, until five to six years ago there were not too many event management companies, and as industry the turn over was no more than 18 Crores, in the early 90s. However, things began to change and by the end of the last financial year the industry is expected to be worth no less than 1800 Crores. 

Careers in event management seem to be alluring more and more youth. In fact, even homemakers have stepped into the industry and organize small and private events in their spare time. Also, there are event management companies that that take on consultants, who work with them on a freelance basis, as and when the need arises. Thus there is a lot of scope in the field of event management. And the event manager jobs are ever increasing. 

Earlier one was employed and learnt the ropes of the trade on the job. But now there are vocational courses – diploma and degree in this field. These courses provide theoretical information, which then is implemented during the internship period. And on the completion of the course, one is almost like any other seasoned event manager.

 Amongst the job openings in event management are those in the following departments : 
  1. Visualizing concepts 
  2. Planning Budgeting 
  3. Marketing Organizing 
  4. Coordinating 
  5. Executing Fashion shows 
  6. Musical concerts 
  7. Corporate seminars 
  8. Exhibitions 
  9. Wedding celebrations 
  10. Theme parties

Product launching Different roles, different names An organisation that is into event management business offers numerous positions to job seekers. The following are some of the departments in a typical event managing company: 

Public Relations – managing a vast gamut of people ranging from clients, artists, stage performers, government officials, public and so on .

Promotion and Marketing – for promoting the image of the organisation and also for marketing the event to the public at large .

Brand Development – a talent pool that is responsible for managing client requirements pertaining to brand restructuring .

Designing – team of creative people who visualise and then prepare design layouts for the stage, costumes, accessories and so on. 

Administration – department that is responsible for back office and general administrative tasks Production – team comprising of media professionals who manage the production and editing of audio video related media .

Printing – department that takes care of printing all sorts of marketing collaterals and promotional items . 

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