Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tips for creating successful text ads

Highlight what makes your business, product, or offer unique
Free shipping? Large selection? Tell people! Highlight features or areas that make your business stand out from the competition.

Include prices, promotions, and exclusives
If you have something special to offer, make sure your customers see it. People are usually searching to make a decision about something. Give them what they need to help make their decision.

Tell your customers what they can do
Are you selling? Tell them what they can buy. Are you offering? Tell them what they'll receive. Strong verbs like Purchase, Call today, Order, Browse, Sign up, or Get a quote tell your customers what they can expect to do when they arrive at your website.
Include at least one of your keywords in your ad text
This can catch the attention of the people who searched for the keyword, and show that your ad is related to what they want. Additionally, the keyword you use will appear in bold in your ad, just like it does in the search results, making it more obvious how relevant your ad is. Let's say you include the keyword digital cameras in your ad's headline, like "Buy Digital Cameras," and a customer searches for digital cameras. Your ad's headline will appear in bold, like "Buy Digital Cameras." Your ad's headline could also appear in bold if a customer searched for buy SLR cameras, like "Buy Digital Cameras," since "buy" and "cameras" match words in the customer's search term.

Match your ad to your landing page
Take a look at the page on your website that you're linking to, which is called the landing page. Make sure the promotions or products in your ad are included in that page. If visitors don't find what they expect to see when they reach your site, they might leave.

Appeal to customers viewing your ad on a mobile device
When customers are on-the-go, certain information might be more useful to them (like your store location or phone number) or a particular message might grab their attention. If you're running an enhanced campaign, try using call extensions (also known as click-to-call) or location extensions to give customers the information they need to take action while they're on the move. Also, consider creating additional ads tailored for mobile devices, like text that highlights mobile-specific specials or discounts or a mobile-optimized display URL.


Create three to four ads per ad group, trying out different messages to see which performs the best with your customers. AdWords can automatically show the better-performing ads within an ad group more often. This removes the guesswork and lets you build on what you've learned from your experiments.

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