Saturday, April 7, 2012

Career as a Critic

Critics review and analyze artistic and literary works and live performances. They may communicate their opinions via radio, television, newspapers, magazines, websites or books.Also Known As: Dance Critic, Film Critic, Literary Critic, Music Critic, Theatre Critic

Critics may work for:
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • alternative weeklies
  • radio stations
  • television stations
  • Internet services.
There are relatively few jobs in the field of arts criticism and competition for employment is keen. Major metropolitan newspapers and large circulation magazines hire a small number of critics as staff writers. They also may hire freelance critics to provide reviews and commentaries on specialized areas of the arts. Smaller newspapers and magazines usually employ freelance critics. 

  1. a strong interest in their field
  2. analytical and perceptive skillsstrong research and organizational skills
  3. flexibility in appreciating new techniques and styles in the artsobjectivity and fairness in reviewing productions at different levels (professional or amateur)
  4. the ability to communicate clearly, concisely, objectively and in a strong personal voice
  5. the ability to handle criticism from others and the confidence required to stand behind their opinionsthe ability to produce creative, entertaining pieces under the pressure of deadlines.
  6. They should enjoy finding innovative ways to express their views, stimulating public interest and discussion, and being recognized for their specialized knowledge, creativity and experience.

Staff writers may be expected to cover a wide range of arts events.Radio and television stations that have film, theatre and music reviews as part of their regular weekly programming may use staff reviewers or freelance critics for these weekly features. Freelance critics sell their articles and interviews to various print and broadcast media, and are paid for each article printed, aired or published online.

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