Friday, August 23, 2013

Rules and Tips on Being a Good Reporter

1. Do not use CAPITAL letters when writing a report.
2. Do not use slang language or inappropriate language in your report.
3. Write in complete sentences.
4. Put 2 spaces after ending punctuation marks.
5. Capitalize ONLY at the beginning of sentences or proper nouns.
6. You should say what you need to say.
7. The information in your article should be found in a reliable source such as: magazine, newspaper, web site, TV news, and interview.
8. All of your spelling should be correct.
9. Your topic should be interesting to children.
10. Your information should be recent and current.
11. We reserve the right to decline and not post articles that are obscene or judged inappropriate by the editors.
12. All articles should have a email address so we could contact you if necessary

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